Google+ Should Verify Accounts like Knol

One of our writers was having some serious trouble with Google banning her G+ account because of identity concerns.  She use san alias (aidy) for all her online communications and Google doesn’t like any Google+ accounts tied to entities however an online handle or byline isn’t an entity.  I am just as entitled to be known as Dragon Blogger if I wanted on Google+ but had I created my account as Dragon Blogger instead of Justin Germino I could be facing the same issue or I still may be facing the same issue as it seems users who make their own “identity” their “brand” are subject to being banned it would seem.

This had me thinking about running across something with Verified Identity with Google Knol project a while back, I did a search on Google and found my own blog post about verifying Google Buzz account with Google Knol.  This made me think that why couldn’t Google also apply this same method to allowing users to verify their Google+ accounts?

I mean with Knol you can verify your identity by providing a credit card number or social security #, why not let yourself be quickly and easily verified no matter what handle you use.  Just make it so you can only tie 1 SS# or identity to that “online persona” so if your credit card had Justin Germino, then there couldn’t be both a “Justin Germino” and a “Dragon Blogger” which was verified with a credit card tied too Justin Germino.  This way each user can only have 1 account.

With Google’s mighty coffers and innovation getting a verification process in place properly for Google+ doesn’t seem like it should be that complicated of a situation considering they already do it with Knol and somewhat allow you to tie it into Google Buzz which is already connected to your Google+ profile.   image

In the meantime big and small time personalities are having account and identity issues with Google+ as a result of all this confusion and Google needs to quickly resolve the issue and put an easy to use verification process in place.

-Justin Germino

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