How to Tell If You Have an Android Keylogger on Your Smartphone

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In this digital era, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. But this fantastic technological creation may have some disadvantages. Internet access and smartphones have made privacy a thing of the past. You can never be sure if someone has installed a nefarious program in your phone that allows them to view every single detail of your personal information stored on it. You may have never heard of the word keylogger, but it’s probably something that every person with a smartphone should know about.

Keyloggers are special apps that can be secretly installed on your smartphone to record your every keystroke and monitor your android device. People often get the advice to use keylogger when they ask how to look at someones text messages online. This software allows anyone to view every bit of data you type, including your social media networks and banking apps’ login credentials. This can be a major security breach if you are not aware of its presence.

Keylogger software can be a part of a parental control app mSpy or installed by a hacker to steal personal information. Fortunately, many ways exist that allow how to detect keylogger on Android. There are several signs which can help you identify if a keylogger is present on your phone. Discovering a key logger can be very easy or very difficult; it depends upon how and what was installed.

Battery Is Draining Faster Than Usual

The battery of a smartphone drains faster when the software runs in the background for more extended periods. Since the keyloggers are designed to be undetectable, the software’s icon won’t be visible on your main screen, and your battery charge starts dropping faster than usual.

It may not be that easy to detect, especially for tech non-savvy users, but you can check the battery settings to identify any suspicious activity.

Phone Is Heating Up

It is usual for smartphones to heat up when multiple apps are being used simultaneously, and the battery is working overtime. This is especially true when you are playing a game or running an app that is processor intensive. But if your phone stays hot for a while even after you kill all the apps or without using it, chances are there is a software running on your phone that you don’t know about.

Received Strange Text Messages

When someone installs an app on your phone, you sometimes receive a text message with a code or some sort of notification. On the other hand, the hacker can also include a malicious link in the text message and send it to the target phone. When the user opens the link, the keylogging program gets installed on the phone without the user knowing. To detect a keylogger on your phone, check your inbox if you’ve received any strange text messages.

Phone Turning On and Off By Itself

If your phone has started to turn on and off by itself for no apparent reason, your phone is probably infected by a keylogging or other malicious software. That usually happens when the keylogging software has adversely affected your phone’s operating system.

Phone Is Running Slow

If you notice that your phone’s performance has suddenly declined, there might be a code or software running in the background and affecting your phone’s performance and functionality. You’ll most likely feel your phone’s slow performance while browsing or loading social media pages. Since hidden software also has to use your phone’s resources to stay functional, it impacts your phone’s performance, and it becomes sluggish.

Final Word

Keyloggers are programs that can run on your device for months without you knowing. Most of the time, they are used for parental monitoring, employee supervision, and law enforcement agencies. But what makes them dangerous is that they can be used by hackers to harvest your personal and financial information from your smartphones and other devices.

If you notice any signs of a keylogger app on your phone, you can detect it with an anti-virus program or by checking your phone’s downloads. But still, if you have any doubts, you can simply reset your phone to get rid of any sort of keylogger program that may be affecting your phone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.