Enter to Win the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

So since our last Redragon Impact MMO Gaming mouse giveaway ended I decided to kick off another Redragon product giveaway.  When I choose products to giveaway I try not to giveaway “cold turkey” unless a brand actually contacts me to give their product away, I choose instead to only pick products that I have personally used and reviewed to giveaway so I can be sure that the winner has good odds of actually liking the prize.  So the Redragon S101 Combo I bought for my son Mason a few weeks ago to replace a CyberpowerPC keyboard that went belly up after being drenched with water (didn’t recover from drying out) so I had to get him a replacement and he needed a new mouse anyway so I bought him this combo and he was very happy with it.   Now the S101 is a “combo” not a specific product, and there have been 3 versions of the S101 combo over the years. The original S101 combo we reviewed back in 2015 on our YouTube is not the same combo as this one we are giving away.

So I figured it makes a good giveaway, some things to note about the keyboard

It is not mechanical, there are 7 LED color presets but you cannot configure independent RGB colors on each keys.  It has Win key disable (gaming mode) and built in media functions, it has pre-set breathing patterns and is very quiet.  My son actually prefers the typing feel and volume of membrane keyboards to the loud click mechanical keyboards.  The mouse itself has custom macro and button support via the Impact software, and includes a weight set to adjust the mouse to your desired weight level which is a really nice touch to include in a mouse/keyboard combo set.

The Redragon S101 is very reasonably priced and when on sale you can get it for just around $40 which is a fantastic deal.

Enter to Win the Redragon S101 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Giveaway

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