Do You Have the Guts To Escape From Trapped Rooms?

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If you were put in a trapped room and you have an opportunity to use elements found in the room so that you can solve a series of puzzles and escape in a specified time limit, will you manage? It is worth trying the game to find out by working hard, and outsmarting the zombie.

You are probably wondering how the design of the game is going to translate into the real world where games cannot be paused, and functions cannot be scripted. Well, without any doubts, when you enter the room, and the staff tells you to ‘communicate’ and ‘do not use tools in destroying the furniture’, then the clock starts, the adrenaline will abruptly rise: you and your group members will be scattered, shaking, combing, breaking every book, box, and chair available in the room. Does not sound scary? You can book the adventure at Trapped! website and find out if you have the ability to escape from a trapped room.

The crawling zombie should not touch you.

If the frightening zombie touches you, you will be forced to sit and will not be able to search for the clues, but you might verbally participate. The zombie is chained, and may not freely roam, but its chain is normally released one foot after 5 minutes. Therefore, you should be fast at putting the clues together, finding the key to set you free, solving the puzzles so that you can avoid being zombie baited.

You always need to be smarter than a zombie.

In case you fail to find all clues and solve puzzles, which unlocks a door within 60 minutes, a zombie shall eat you, and the body must be removed from that room. However, cannibalism is illegal; thus, the zombie cannot be allowed to eat you in the real sense.

You need to be ready to move around avoiding the zombie for one hour.

As with any horror escape games, it is advisable to wear clothes that will help you move swiftly. The shoes should be closed toe and flat. High heels shoes are not allowed in the room.

There is a learning curve for game creators who always drop hints throughout gaming session to help the players to navigate through the confusing gameplay direction. If you end up puzzled and do not seem to be escaping the room, you should not worry—the staff is going to walk through the remaining solutions after running out of time, partly because the unopened boxy the the sole key to the room.

Always ensure that you bring smart people.

The game needs smart brains! The puzzles and solutions work effectively when the clue masters clearly understand where instincts of players shall lead without having to conclude immediately. Such is simply in a limited digital environment.

In sum, if you are trapped in a room, you should use your deceptive skills in finding clues, putting hints together finding the key, and finally escaping the room. You should get into a group setting before or even after the session so that you can discuss and analyze this adventure, for a better experience. If you fail to escape the room, you should not be ashamed since most people never make it.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.