Which Apps Can Make Me More Productive?

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From the thousands of apps available, you might be wondering how to select apps that would help you get through the day, still feeling refreshed and productive, and probably ready to dive into the movies at the end of the day, your favorite book, or hang out with friends at the club, signaling a successful day completed. Having to select from communication apps, apps to get your meetings running smoothly, or apps that get you to stay on top of your most important tasks, below are some of the best apps you can use to get the most out of each day.


Week Plan

We would all agree that a working day could present disorder if we do not have pre-planned, predetermined objectives to meet for that day. What about objectives for the week, weeks, or months in advance? That’s where Week Plan comes in.

Week Plan is a pictorial representation of the Eisenhower Matrix, a time management method used by former United States President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, or the Time Management Matrix introduced by Stephen Covey into mainstream organization productivity. Based on the ‘four quadrants’, Week Plan helps you organize your weeks in advance, identify your most important goals, and put aside time to work on them.

A web-based app, Week Plan can be accessed on all of your devices, enabling you to, at a glance, identify the most important items to focus on, rather than, responding continually to what might be pressingly urgent and probably not that important to your goals in the long scheme of events.



Available as a web-app, for iOS and MacOS, Solid is an app designed to help run your meetings seamlessly. Aiming to bootstrap your startup, meet with investors, or have a conference with partners, Solid helps you to plan your meetings in advance, have all of the meeting notes in one location, and enables you scribble important information without having to move from one application to another, thus making it easy, if you would like to have an mp3 download from the recording of your meetings.

You can download the Solid Chrome browser extension, have Solid connect with Slack, or download Solid for the MacOS and you have access via the dock.



Asana is a project management app that enables you bring on board, all members of a team connected with a project, and track workflow toward meeting desired objectives. A platform for ensuring ease in collaboration, Asana helps you communicate with everyone connected with the job, track job progress, post updates, or suggest modifications, without having to exit the screen. Features include the ability to manage several projects at once, collaborate with different teams on different projects in real time, integrate projects to achieve cohesion, and seamlessly add a new team member to the project in focus.


Pomodoro Lite

Used to receiving instructions from family members, senior colleagues at work and sometimes customers, what does it feel like to receive instruction from an app?

Working on the delivery of some content for a client, I glanced at my phone to hear a whistle sound, which was a hint that I had just received an email. Swiping the smartphone screen to input my combination, I suddenly noticed the tomato symbol at the top of the screen – the notification arena. I swiped down. And was confronted by a ‘green tomato’ signaling Pomodoro is running. Focus!

I know it might sound unlikely to you, but I did ‘focus’!

Pomodoro Lite is an app developed based on the principle of the time management tool, the Pomodoro Technique, introduced in the 80s by Francesco Cirillo. Dividing the work time and short break into 25-minutes and 5-minutes slot, and then an extended break of 15 minutes, the management tool aimed at getting you to have your work done, while having fun along the way, by looking forward to the short (5 minute) breaks or extended (15 minute) break.

Pomodoro Lite helps you focus on the task at hand, while simultaneously blocking all forms of distractions.


Hoping to stay on the top of all of your activities for the day? Trello is a project management tool that helps you to stay on top of things, collaborate with colleagues and make certain you keep promises to deliver your projects promptly. It could be scheduling and booking a flight for a business trip, having to meet with your dissertation help service, or simply set a reminder to put together all of the documents for that timely project. Not only detailed to manage work-related activities, you can also set reminders for the evening out, the vacation with the kids, or determine when you’d like to eat your favorite meal.

Trello has a nice and intuitive interface. With the boards, lists and cards, you can easily organize your projects – personal or work in the simplest manner. Desktop and mobile versions are available.

Inrix Traffic Maps & GPS

If you are one who has to commute to work daily or you are in a sales team, with a sales territory and sales objectives to meet, then Inrix might be one of the best apps you could have. One of the few available apps with similar function, Inrix is a crowd-sourced application which is designed to provide real-time “traffic, navigation and parking” data to help you arrive at your intended destination quicker. With lots of cameras installed in different locations to help you make commute decisions more quickly, you can select the best routes to meet – personal or work deadlines.


Google Trips

If traveling is part of your day’s activities, you might want to consider getting Google Trips. Part of Google’s productivity tools, Google Trip helps you stay in control of all of your travel requirements. In tandem with Gmail, you can have your travel reservations in one place and structured into the most recent trips. Other side benefits include ease in making daily plans for your lab report order, having information aboutfun places and side attractions, having notes on places for food and drinks, and even suggestions and travel tips that are unique to your desired destination.

Free and easy to navigate, with Google Trips, you might just learn hacking your traveling schedules to make your travel arrangements easier.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.