MalCare a Better Alternative to Wordfence for WordPress Blogs?

When people think about security their WordPress blog they may think of either a local security plugin like Wordfence, or a cloud provider like Incapsula or Cloudflare, but there is another player in the plugin space called MalCare.  MalCare boasts providing better performance in triggering false positives as well as having less performance impact on your site by cloning your site to it’s cloud and then scanning without having to tie up your hosting provider system resources.  This combined with their early malware detection, one-click malware removal and live 24×7 technical support give them a bold and what would appear to be a true advantage and benefit on paper than simply defaulting to Wordfence.

Malcare also supports performing backups, hardening and securing your WordPress installation by doing things like blocking access to the file editor in the WordPress dashboard.  It also provides login protection features as well.  Even if you are using a cloud security provider you can benefit from a localized plugin and service like Malcare which focuses more on identifying malware that infected your site and helps you remove and sanitize your site if it is compromised vs a cloud program which mostly blocks bots and DDOS attempts.  Malcare has a very competitive and comparable pricing structure to Wordfence as well.

Malcare has partnered with Dragon Blogger to offer 3 annual personal site licenses.
Malcare WordPress Security Plugin Giveaway

You can read more about why MalCare is better than Wordfence here as well.

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