Dragon Blogger Easter Egg Hunt Steam Game Key Giveaway


This was an experiment in a unique giveaway that went horribly sideways and I apologize to everyone.  This giveaway I had 20 steam keys, I purchased 20 Steam keys total and tied each egg to 1 Steam key.  20 people were going to win 1 Steam key, instead within minutes of this giveaway going live some people immediately tried to claim all eggs and I was bombarded with the same eggs being found over and over by the same several people.

50 people entered and found eggs so far, even if they were duplicates, I am going to honor and give everyone who played the game 1 Steam key.  But I am tapped out of keys and it make take until tomorrow as I have to buy a lot more keys than I had for this giveaway.


Happy Easter everyone, I thought I would try and do something fun this year and I decided to hide 20 random easter eggs (literally) in various posts/pages on this site.  There are 20 eggs total and each egg equals 1 random steam game key, but it is first come, first serve.  When you find an egg which will look like 1 of these 8 eggs below in one of the pages, click on the Easter egg and it will mail a message with a specific subject line telling me which egg you found.  I will send the first person who finds an egg a random steam game key usually the same day or next day.  These are the 8 unique egg images below and they all are duplicated to equal 20 random ones you can find.  Only 1 Steam key per person.






If all 20 eggs are not found, I will keep the remaining eggs live on the site until they are all found.

You will find the eggs in random posts on the site, so just keep going through the site archives, history, categories and even searches to find the eggs.  Hopefully this will be a fun little way to reward fans and get a little more exposure to some of the content we create here at Dragon Blogger technology at the same time.

Happy Hunting!

Note:  This post is not one of the Easter Egg hunt posts, so no eggs on this page are the hidden eggs.

-Dragon Blogger

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