Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Volume 4 Fugitives – Episode 3 – Building 26

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This episode had several key highlights for me and most of them involved Sylar and his new found friend. Sylar gradually is showing his empathic side and that he isn’t all bad by rescuing the boy from being captured by the government agents. My favorite scene was when Luke tells Sylar he is a serial killer and Sylar claims he isn’t only to say “You are right, technically I am a Serial Killer”. It is so incredible how you can hate Sylar one episode and then start to respect and like his character in another. He truly is a character that leaves you on a roller coaster of where he will go next and what he will do.

Hiro and Ando went to India to stop a wedding, but instead of Hiro regaining his powers he learned that he doesn’t need powers to be a hero and he came to Ando’s rescue without them. Ando shows that he has a hero’s heart as he helps an Indian woman avoid a marriage that she did not want. I think the dynamic between Ando and Hiro having their powers role reversed is genius and seeing Hiro a little jealous and sad, only to realize he can still be true to himself was a nice twist.

Claire proves once again that she has a thing for saving other kids lives and saves another kid from being taken by the government instead of The Company this time. The kid has the powers to breath underwater which is obviously harmless, but Nathan doesn’t care who he rounds up really. The scenes between Claire and Alex Woolsley remind me of the Season 2 episodes between Claire and West.

Dodging her father the episode Claire was very predictable except for finally bringing her mom up to speed in the latter part of the show and Sandra and Noah getting a separation due to his lying. The next episode looks to very clearly define whether Noah is really a bad guy, or a good guy who just was trying to keep his family together, it should be interesting to see how his character plays out.

Despite the good points in this episode much of it felt like filler, another Government Agent tries to shut down Building 26 at first, only to see Tracy’s threat and instead offer Nathan all the funding he needs. Nathan continues to watch “The Hunter” become more and more unstable and ruthless in his tactics to take down the “gifted” people. I predict that Nathan will eventually take a stand against “The Hunter” after witnessing atrocity after atrocity that will surely follow.

With any luck Sylar will kill the lot of em in the upcoming episodes :)

-Dragon Blogger

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