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Normally I don’t do to many reviews of people who contact me asking for a free plug for their sites, but when Lost Zombies contacted me I checked them out and was astounded at the level of effort and style put into this website and whole community.

Lost Zombies is an online portal for all things Zombie and is under the premise that Zombie outbreaks are real and a massive one is eminent. It allows fans of the Zombie genre or those who have witnessed zombies to create a profile and upload their own documentaries, pictures and videos of Zombies.

I know several people who are Zombie fanatics and are so into the genre they are beyond goths, as goths are still alive and not truly the undead. This site had some incredible visuals, video and layout that was extremely entertaining and kept me clicking through various area’s of the site to find more.

Here is the introductory video you see when clicking “Getting Started”:

Find more videos like this on Lost Zombies

Anyone who is a fan of Zombie flicks, undead films or just really dark and creepy stuff will find LostZombies.com an entertaining place and community to be a part of. I for one will stop by from time to time, but am too busy blogging then to find local Zombies in my neighborhood and record them. If I do get attacked or the next Zombie apocalypse comes, then I will probably wish I had prepared myself better with Tools and Survivors section of the site I am sure.

-Dragon Blogger

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