Resize And Reformat Your Images With PIXResizer

I have been using PIXResizer for over a year as my default freeware program to take my very large 8 megapixel camera photo images and resize them for use in email or uploading to my blog sites. PIXResizer will let you specify custom sizes, or let you reformat GIF -> JPG, JPG -> PNG… and more. You can also rotate the image or directly output a color image to greyscale with PIXResizer.

The first thing you need to do is go to the company Bluefive’s website and download PIXresizer. As mentioned this is a freeware program and has no cost associated, but as with all freeware programs donations are accepted.

Once you download and install the software you see the program only has 2 tabs “Work with one file” and “Work with multiple files”

When you work with one file you can choose the new size right off the bat, or input your own custom size for the image. You can directly export to greyscale or rotate your image. I use Google Picasa, and I have to tell you PIXResizer will do a better job at compressing the image and retaining image quality than Google Picasa. I have compared side by side compressing a 1920×1440 image to 800×600 and PIXResizer keeps the image sharper and about 100-200kb smaller than Google Picasa resizing it.

Now the real bread and butter is when I need to resize a bunch of folders, all you need to do is make sure all the images you want to resize are in the same folder, then select the “Work with multiple files tab”

Select the source folder and your destination folder, then select your dimentions and image format. Click save pictures and you will mass resize all images you had in your source folder, and they will be stored in your destination folder.

This program works and works very well for what it does, I use this program frequently and for people who send or deal with images or pictures alot, you may want to add this piece of freeware to your repertoire. PIXResizer is lightning fast, compresses very well and retains the best image quality on compression from most of the other freewares and programs I have sampled. It is faster and simpler than using your paint program to resize or change the image type.

-Dragon Blogger

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