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I was having a hard time creating shapes in Paint.Net, the default paint program only allows you to create rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, freeform shapes. So I did a little google search and found BoltBait created an effects pack for Paint.Net. This effects pack has a “render” option under effects that can create just about any polygonal shape you need from stars, to hexagons, octagons, anything, you set the # of sides, the depth and the brush thickness. You can even adjust the size and rotate the dimension of the polygonal shape you need.

In addition many other effects are added like “flipping selection” which is another feature I was looking for greatly. I have to give props to BoltBait for creating these incredible add-ons for and make the tool even easier to use and more flexible.

So download Boltbait’s Plug-In Pack for Paint.Net
Extract it to your /effects folder
Restart Paint.Net
and you will see extra options in the Effects Drop down, play away many of them are great.

-Dragon Blogger

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