Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Season 4 Redemption – Episode 15

In this Episode “Close to You” we see Noah closing in on the trail of Samuel only for him to escape. Noah is rapidly becoming outmatched and even his experience with people who have abilities leave him unprepared for how to deal with Samuel and to find the carnival without the compass. Matt Parkman meanwhile comes back after a several episode hiatus and Noah convinces him to help find Vanessa whom Samuel has an obsession for. They both try to set a trap for Samuel which I am surprised didn’t end in bloodshed, as Samuel could have killed Noah easily had he wanted to.

I think Peter did the right thing by destroying Emma’s Cello after seeing the dream on how Emma was somehow responsible or related to the deaths of thousands of people. My guess in this part is that Samuel convinces her to call all the “Specials” to the carnival and that Sylar feasts on them like a vampire on human blood. So her killing them is in her drawing them to be slaughtered by Sylar is what my prediction was for the future.

Hiro and Ando breaking Mohinder out of the asylum was amusing and I enjoyed watching Ando use his “red lightning” to nice effect, including shocking Hiro’s brain so that his thoughts became unscrambled. The fact that the three appeared in Noah’s apartment together at just the right time left a twinge of anticipation as now Noah has backup and once again the heroes are banding together to stop villains.

We see Hiro fall dangerously close to death with his tumor from the preview, and I hope that Claire or Peter can heal him before he actually dies. I would hate to see him lost on the show, but we do see him having either a dream or a vision where his father, and Adam are judging him as spirits. Should be an interesting twist to see where this leads and what it entails.

Overall I thought the episode was enjoyable, and I am curious as to what Sylar wants with Claire (although it may seem obvious from the preview) and how the final episodes will play out this season.

-Dragon Blogger

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