Dragon Blogger and Tablet Express Partner to Donate a Tablet

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

It is an interesting story how this all came about, at least I think and one of our readers named Diana contacted us about a child named Bubby who was very ill and maybe had a year left to live.  Bubby had Congenital CMV disease which is a disease that I knew nothing about and one that is transmitted in the perinatal period that can lead to devastating disabilities and death in children.  Bubby was not expected to live much longer and due to his condition the family was trying to raise money to build a sensory room to help keep his senses alive and trying new things which brought him joy.  Well we are a media news organization and I wanted to see if we could do more than simply donate some cash, so I reached out to one of our close Android tablet partners Tablet Express who were so kind enough to donate a Dragon Touch Y88X Android tablet to Bubby as a means of giving him access to watch videos, play kid games and more.

Well, I reached out to the family, and Thomas got in touch and said they didn’t really need the tablet because Bubby already had an iPad but requested the same donation be gifted to another child who was afflicted with the same condition and they didn’t have as many donations or items and were in a very tough financial spot as well.  Krystal also has Congenital CMV and the family were friends with the parents of Bubby and their daughter was unable to talk or walk.  Krystal’s mom Sharon would just give her the phone she used to entertain her but really could benefit from Krystal having her own tablet.

Sharon with Krystal who has Congenital CMV disease

Sharon contacted me, and sent me a picture of Krystal with her in the hospital and I worked with Tablet Express to send the Dragon Touch Y88x Android tablet + 2 Kid Proof Cases to Krystal instead of Bubby because she was in more particular need of this gadget and I actually have a ton of respect for the parents of Bubby for not accepting a donation they didn’t need and instead finding someone more needy to accept it.  This shows integrity in actually not only turning down  a donation for something that isn’t needed, but going the extra mile and finding someone else who is in need and on their behalf trying to redirect the donation.  Krystal goes by the nickname of Frog, and they are Frog and Bubby respectively as their nicknames.

Now this is the first time that I reached out to a brand and tried to get a donation for a specific individual in need, normally I would just share/retweet charity events or requests on my social media outlets but I wanted to do something a little more tangible this time and it was an interesting experience.  I would like to thank Tablet Express for rising to the occasion and making this generous donation and this is the same company that provides us with so many Dragon Touch tablets to giveaway to our fans, they deserve your attention and becoming a fan of their fanpage (like them below).



We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.