Dragon Touch E70 Android Tablet Giveaway

Tablet Express once again brings a fantastic giveaway for Dragon Blogger fans, this time it comes in the form of the Dragon Touch E70 7″ Android tablet that is really a phablet because it supports a SIM card and 3G GSM networks meaning you can pair it with your carrier and use it like a phone and a tablet.

This is one of the best tablet models we have reviewed here on Dragon Blogger and the screen is definitely the best quality IPS screen out of all the Dragon Touch tablets I have reviewed.  It is the perfect size and the case is solid and sound and this is tablet is great for kids and adults.  Also this tablet gets about 2x the battery life of any other tablet we have reviewed as well which is another huge plus as you can see from Iggy’s full review of the Dragon Touch E70 this gets over 4 hours of active use battery life.

Enter for your chance to win the Dragon Touch E70 Here:
Dragon Touch E70 Giveaway

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