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Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment Portal has now taken a big step closer to how I envisioned it when I started this site just over two years ago.  I always wanted to create a portal site that had Technology news, Blogging Tips, Entertainment Reviews and more.

The theme I wound up choosing was actually mentioned to me in a comment by Caleb over at Market Secrets and is called BreakingNewz by ThemeWarrior.  This theme had the exact magazine style I was looking for and was very well written so that I could understand and modify the theme files to implement some of my own customizations with ease.

My biggest challenge was dealing with the Featured Image Support and WordPress 3.0 menu support which didn’t exist in my older theme, so I had to learn about these and go back and set featured images on some 40+ posts to avoid having giant blank boxes on the theme.  I think the theme developer should give the option to include a default “image” for each category that you can define in the theme options so you don’t have to set a specific featured image for each post every single time.

This completes Phase 1 of my plan to turn into a Technology and Entertainment portal.  Phase 2 will now be searching for and finding writers who want to join the Dragon Blogger team and help produce content on a semi regular basis (1x per week or more frequent).  As with any portal based website that has many categories of content you need writers to write frequently.  I myself do not have the hours to write the amount of content needed to keep this portal as active as I envision it to be.

If interested in being a writer for visit my contact page and send me a request.  At this time my site earnings have dropped significantly but I plan on doing a profit sharing with my writers where I will give 30% of all site earnings and distribute to my content writers.  I am also considering hiring people on a per article basis, but would ideally not want to pay for content for obvious reasons.

In the meantime, what is your feedback on the new site?

What articles and topics appeal most to you?

And most of all, thank you for being a reader of

Special Thanks to the folks who helped provide feedback on my new theme while it was still in development:

-Justin Germino

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