I was always a fan of strategy games and role playing games and some of the best games combined the two.  Heroes of Might and Magic series combined strategy turn based combat with role playing element like hero and skill development and was one of the best series in my opinion.

I picked up Kings Bounty: Armored Princess which is the sequel to Kings Bounty: The Legend which came out several years ago and have been unable to put the game down since I started playing.

The game centers around your main character Princess Amelia and here quest to find a hero from her lands past to save their world from a demon invasion.  In this game you are assigned a pet dragon whom grows and gains abilities as your own character does.

This game is about building and leading armies and strategically commanding them in a take turn combat that allows you to thoroughly plan out your strategy of using defensive and offensive magic and abilities.  You have "archer" units that can attack from afar, and melee units and your dragon will develop different abilities depending on which color you choose.

This is a true gem of a game and is completely engaging and full of combat and strategizing.  You have some story line to read and follow but this is just filler until you get to the next combat and some battles can take fifteen minutes or more to beat.  If you are clever and use your "Rage" and Magic cleverly you can often beat opponent armies which are classified as "Lethal" or "Invincible" meaning that your army has little chance of winning.

Kings Bounty: Armored Princess is one of the best games I have played over the past four years and is a must for anyone who was a fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic Series, it is very much true to the original Kings Bounty which used to exist on the Commodore Amiga computer too.

The best thing is that Kings Bounty: Armored Princess is only $19.99 on Amazon.com after it was released last year.  The original Kings Bounty: The Legend which is just as good is just over $11.00 now.

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