iPad Comes to Target Stores

In an article posted on PCWorld today the iPad will come to Target stores Nationwide this holiday season.  This combined with Target giving a discount of 5% for those who own a Target credit card means people can get an iPad for as much as $25 – $50 off depending on the model purchased.

The Apple iPad is definitely revolutionary and at over a million units sold is not just a simple fad that will fade.  The size and versatility of the device allow it to have a permanent useful function in the household and it could very well replace your need to have a daily newspaper subscription, magazine subscriptions…etc.  This alone would save hundreds per year in fee’s and be more economical and green.

Combine this with the Internet, WiFi, Gaming potential and this has become one of my "must have" devices that I am still hoping to get as a gift at some point in the next year.

How many people already own an iPad and who is planning or hoping to get one this holiday season?  What is your favorite feature or think you like about the iPad, what don’t you like about it?

Share your thoughts, I want to hear from you!

-Dragon Blogger

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