The All New DragonBlogger Podcast

I have been wanting to add more rich media here on for a while and flirted with a podcast back in 2008/2009 only to get too busy and focus on video tutorials and other efforts.  Well after talking with one of my recent staff members Brian Alford who used to run a video game podcast with his friend we have decided to put together a DragonBlogger Podcast called “The Dragoncast” this will be a weekly podcast where Brian Alford, Andrew Denman and Bryce Posey will talk about everything ranging from technology, gadgets to video games and movies.

I will periodically make appearances and they plan to have guests that include artists in the video game industry and more in the future.

Listen to our Pilot Dragoncast and share feedback:

The first podcast episode of The Dragoncast the team will talk about the iPhone 5, Wii U, The Avengers and give you a feeling for what the podcast is all about.  We want to hear feedback from our audience and help us shape to put together a show you want to hear about topics you want to hear about.

Right now the show is tailored for 1/2 hour segments knowing time is valuable and few can spend a long period of time on a blog post listening to a podcast.  If you have any suggestions, feedback both positive or negative feel free to share it (we won’t bite).  This is an experiment to help bring Dragon Blogger to the next level and not only engage with high quality articles but also bring you an audio medium to enjoy content.

All Dragoncast episodes feature a music snippet of Noise Attack by Kevin MacLeod who runs a great website Incompetech where you can get royalty free music files.

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