Dragoncast Episode 15 Talking About The Walking Dead and The Latest Smartphones

It’s been awhile but Victor Salazar and myself are back for yet another amazing episode of Dragoncast. This time around we discuss the return of one of the most watched television shows, AMC’s The Walking Dead (just want to let our listeners know there are spoilers about episode 1) in which Victor and myself let everyone know just how excited we are about the return of our favorite zombie survivalists.    We also cover Grand Theft Auto V where Brian is a huge fan and Victor just isn’t into the game.

We also discuss the smartphone and just how important smartphones have become over the past ten years with phone’s as the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been duking it out for smartphone supremacy. We also cover some important contests going on right here on Dragon Blogger that you just cannot miss out on that are currently going on.

I hope that you enjoy this episode of Dragoncast and that if you have any questions, comments or anything else you would like to see on the show please let us know! Also if you would like to be a guest on our show to discuss any products that you are working on or if you would like to come on and talk about your company and it’s future please feel free to send an email to myself at brian.alford@dragonblogger.com or my co-host Victor Salazar victor.salazar@dragonblogger.com

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