Free Video Background Music from YouTube

I am always looking for ways to find royalty free music for my YouTube videos and I know this is not a new feature but something I ran across the other day while exploring my YouTube channel.  YouTube has an Audio Library under the Creation Tools which can be found under your YouTube Account or directly by going here:

In this creation library you will find a series of tracks in various categories that are free to use for any videos that you create and publish on YouTube and the terms and license even says you may monetize videos that use these tracks.  You get full access to download each of the tracks, and have the option to favorite tracks and look by category or just go to your favorites.


People often ask where to find copyright free sounds to add to their YouTube videos and this is a great place to start and is available right from YouTube itself.


You can even order them by duration and some famous tracks are available as well like Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.

Musicians who want to work with Google to have their own songs added to their library can fill out the Google Request form here as well and it may be good to get one song added for some publicity and recognition you can even link to your SoundCloud work as an example in the form you fill out.

The YouTube Songs are ID3 tagged so that the artists information is part of the song, though it doesn’t show artists name in the library next to the song which would have been a nice touch and a nod to the artists who contributed.


So if you are needing some background music for your YouTube Content make sure you check out the audio library and see if something there will meet your needs, or you can always look for musicians on SoundCloud and ask if you can use their music with permission to link and give proper reference in your YouTube video as well.

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