Drive at full speed with the DEERC 9206E DIY RC racing car

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Looking for a remote-controlled car that can successfully overcome all types of terrain?

Remote control cars are amazing not only because you can make them go anywhere else, but because some can reach speeds of over 40km/h, which is crazy considering that’s faster than the maximum speed the fastest human on the planet has reached.  But that also sounds like a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you plan to give it to a child or it’s for you, remote control cars are fun no matter the age of the driver, so you can have fun using a remote-controlled car. Some of them have a good range so you can use them around your house without worrying about the signal from the remote.

Something you should keep in mind is that remote control cars that are capable of reaching high speeds are not cheap in most cases, I would say that you can expect to spend more than $ 100 on a remote control car with good quality specifications,  do not spend less, this type of cars can reach high speeds, so, a cheap remote car might not withstand an impact at more than 40km/h, so it’s best to invest in a good quality car. It’s also important to get long-lasting batteries so you can use them for more than 30 minutes before thinking about recharging them.

The DEERC 9206E DIY is probably one of the best remote-controlled cars you can get for about $130, it’s built with a durable shell to ensure long life even during extreme accidents, so enjoy plenty of hours of fun. It also has durable batteries for a better experience. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the DEERC 9206E DIY RC race car

Top speed over 30mph

If you are looking to have fun in the best way, you are surely looking for a remote-control car that offers high speed, the DEERC 9206E DIY does its job and can offer a top speed of more than 30mph (48km / h). This remote-controlled car can successfully overcome most terrain (rough terrain, mud, stones, sand, and more).  The 2.4 GHz remote control allows you to use the race car smoothly at up to 100 meters (more than 325 feet).

2 rechargeable batteries

This remote-controlled race car includes 2 x1,700mAh rechargeable batteries so you can drive for up to 40 minutes, allowing you to enjoy speeding for over 30 minutes before thinking about recharging your batteries. Each battery offers an autonomy of 20 minutes, and the charging time is approximately 3 hours.

Durable shell

If you’re worried about the race car crashing at 30mph you’re probably thinking it blew itself into a thousand pieces, but chances are that won’t happen with the DEERC 9206E DIY. The shell of this RC racing car is made of high-quality PVC, which makes it more resistant to shocks, plus you can easily replace the shell in case serious damage happens. The shock absorbers also ensure that the RC race car remains stable on rough terrain. This decreases the possibility of internal damage. For a longer lifespan, be sure to clean the case after use.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.