Discover the Weird, Wonderful World of EASTWARD on PC and Switch on 16 September

London, UK – 11 August 2021. Pixpil and Chucklefish today announced their anticipated 2D adventure title Eastward will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on 16 September. Featuring beautiful visuals, a stirring soundtrack and emotional narrative, Eastward promises delightful towns, strange creatures and even stranger people!

Check out the charming world of Eastward in the Release Date Announcement trailer here:

About Eastward

Set in the near-future, society is starting to collapse, and the human population is at an all-time low. A deadly toxic presence has spread across the land, destroying and devouring everything in its path. Escape the tyrannical clutches of a subterranean society and join Eastward’s unlikely duo on an exciting adventure to the land above! Discover beautiful yet bizarre settlements and make new friends as you travel across the world by rail.

Eastward features:

  • Single player, dual character adventure RPG with puzzle-solving and dungeon elements
  • Join John and Sam in their emotional journey across a world falling to ruin
  • Meet a quirky cast of characters, encounter strange monsters and distant cities
  • Beautifully rich pixel art, created using a combination of modern 3D lighting and
  • retro-pixel style artwork
  • Soundtrack composed by Joel Corelitz (The Unfinished Swan, Gorogoa, Death Stranding, Halo Infinite), with sound design from Irish studio, Hyperduck Soundworks

Eastward will be available on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on 16 September for £21.99 / $24.99 / €24.99.

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