Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack Review

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A few months ago I was sent the Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack to review and it took me several weeks to shoot content for it and review it properly.  One of the reasons is that I have never had a backpack before with so many pockets, features and versatility that it was time consuming to just learn about each and every function, pocket and feature and test them all effectively.  This was especially true since one thing I was not able to test that I wanted to was the CheckPoint-Friendly laptop compartment which should allow you to leave your CORE gaming backpack zipped open and  run through a security scanning checkpoint without having to take the laptop out of the bag and put it in a separate bin.  This was the only feature I was not able to test due travel plans not being anywhere in my near future currently.

I have used this bag a few times now and have lent it to my son who used it on several trips as well so I could garner feedback from multiple family members and multiple trips and I can say without you having to even read this review further Mobile Edge backpacks are amazing not only in the amount of pockets and how much they can carry, but their quality is top notch without even the slightest sign of wear over the past few months with multiple trips.

One thing to note is that my rather large MSI Dominator VR72 laptop which is a 17″ laptop fit with ease in the laptop pouch area, this is with me also packing in a full size CyberPower keyboard.

The various compartments for SD Cards, USB Keys, Tripods, Cell Phone Chargers, Business Cards, USB Cables, and so much more gives you more then enough room to pack everything you need for all your travel accessories in one bag.

I particularly preferred the clamshell like front vs the felt front versions of their gaming backpacks, the more durable but not quite hard shell though scuffs doesn’t collect as much debris or fray as much as having the a soft fabric front on a backpack.  It also had side pouches to hold even more gadgets, and there is a USB pass through cable and port inside the backpack so you can have devices charging between sections while in the backpack but beware stuffing a powerful power bank that could get hot and cause heat issues to other devices inside the backpack while on and charging.

The one thing I couldn’t test was the security check point friendly section of the laptop bag, where if you put your laptop in the checkpoint friendly part, it should be able to let you just unzip and open your backpack and let it go right through security scanning without having to remove your entire laptop from your bag and put it in a bin.  I was not able to confirm this and will try if I ever fly and pass through airport security in the near future, as I want to see if they still make me remove my laptop from the bag or if they will just scan it through the bag with it zipped open.

The gel filled pads on the back and shoulders helped, but I still felt it could have used some extra gel padding on the center back part of the backpack, this thing got very heavy when I loaded it and particularly the keyboard and some other items that tended to be closer to your back I could still feel on my back, though the pads did provide relief at the main stress and weight points where it presses against.  The handle itself is extremely durable and high quality and the straps were durable as well in my testing and wear over several weeks of trips.

Quick Video Showcase of the Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

Overall I have to say this was one of the best backpacks I have ever used to store my gaming laptop in, and had more pouches and features than any other gaming backpack that I have used.  I have no problems giving a high recommend for the CORE Gaming Backpack. Note they have a ton of other travel accessories including other gaming backpacks as well to fit all your gadget travel need, so I recommend checking out Mobile Edge and seeing what else they have.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.