EasyAcc Charging Station 7.2A 3 USB Ports with 2-Outlet Surge Protector

The more and more gadgets we collect, the more and more power we need.  This can become even more important when we are traveling. Whether that travel is in town, across town, across your state or across the country.  In my life I have traveled all these different distances for personal and for business.   I need portability and a device capable of charging multiple devices.

The EasyAcc Charging Station not only charges those smaller devices but helps you protect your larger ones.  The statement “Multi-Device Charging: 2 AC outlets (with child safety lock) and 3 USB charging ports” means that you can charge 3 devices via USB and you can plug in a laptop and other AC hungry device.


The crew over at EasyAcc have clearly spelled out the definition of a portable charger here.  Overall as I see a portable charger and its purpose being very simple and the EasyAcc Charging Station meets their definition and then some.  The addition of the two AC ports adds some icing to the cake, since how often do you show up in a hotel room and there is only 1 free A/C outlet at the desk?



I can be on the road in a hotel room and the EasyAcc Charging Station provides a “7.2 A 3-port smart USB allow auto-detect, self-adjust current control, and charges different USB devices at their maximum speed” without any configuration.  Plug in your iPhone, iPad,Nexus tablet and the EasyAcc Charging Station auto adjusts to the device and charges quickly.  I saw a little better performance in charging my iPhone 6s when plugged charging it using the EasyAcc Charging Station vs into the wall.  Cleaner power maybe?  More consistent?  Maybe but in some rough testing it charged the iPhone about 15 minutes faster than when I had the iPhone plugged into the wall directly via a regular charger port.

No matter how you look at it, the EasyAcc Charging Station provides safe mobile charging for you mobile devices.  It also provides safe power for your AC devices by including surge protection.  All benefits in my mind,  Keep me powered and safe.


There is an obvious on/off button and a neat little stand/phone holder for when it sits on a desk.  It keeps thing pretty organized.  It isn’t a charger I throw in my back pack but it is charger for on my desk and in my overnight bag to be ready for charging what I need when I return to the hotel.

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