EasyAcc iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case Review

So my wife is the only one who owns an iPhone 6 Plus in my household so I asked if she would be willing to try the EasyAcc iPhone 6 Plus leather wallet case and use it for about a week and let me know her thoughts.  I did however do an unboxing with my own thoughts and putting it on her phone for her.

Unboxing and Using the EasyAcc iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case

So of course the case is a nice leather iPhone 6 Plus case, and you notice the 2 card slots and the plastic shell for the iPhone 6 Plus right away.

easyacc case (2)

The iPhone 6 Plus effortlessly slides into the case and snaps in place, it holds firmly but not so snug it is hard to remove if you want to pull it out.

easyacc case (1)

The case closes and has a latch that closes and magnetically holds the case shut, you have nothing blocked that you need access to (camera, ports…etc) and it works very well.easyacc case (3)

My wife solely used the case for a week and then provided her notes and feedback to me, since I didn’t have an iPhone 6 Plus and after using it for the full week she mentioned some “nice to have” features in a future model.  The first was opening the case the latch you have to pull from underneath upward, she would have preferred it to be reverse and you open it from the front out as it is a more ‘natural’ gesture.  The second is it has enough room for 2 cards, an ID Card and 1 Credit Card, but she would have preferred 3 or 4 card slots, because you often have a gym membership card, or other merchant card plus 1 or 2 cards and that 2 card slots weren’t enough but 3 or 4 would have been ideal.  The last suggestion would be just having more color options than black for the iPhone 6 Plus, like purple, red, blue to help accessorize more.  The iPhone 6 case actually has more color options than the iPhone 6 Plus version of the case when comparing the two.

Other than that the iPhone 6 Leather Wallet case from EasyAcc is more than decent and serves it’s purpose well by protecting your iPhone 6 Plus and letting you carry just a few cards with you for quick trips where you don’t necessary want to pack and bring a lot with you besides your phone and 1 or 2 essential cards.  Considering the case is $6.99 on Amazon this is a fantastic case option for your iPhone 6 Plus.


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