EasySMX BD-01 Gaming Mouse Review

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A new year and the first new mouse to review of 2017 is the EasySMX Gaming Mouse, this is a 5000 DPI mouse that supports up to 4 DPI modes and up to 1000hz polling rate.  It is a gaming mouse that gives you weight options by including a set of weights which you place in the base of the mouse and it also includes software for you to program or customize the buttons that the mouse has.   Let’s go into the mouse features and specs.

Ergonomic appearance for anti-slide and soft touch High precision up to 5000 DPI with 4 modes (400/1600/3500/5000dpi)
Adjustable polling rate up to 1000HZ
7 programmable buttons
Quick-started install with a provided CD driver
5 different game profiles can be set and saved
Adjustable weight system with a 5g weight and three 10g weights
Personalized scroll/double-click/pointer speed setting

Compatibility: IBM PC/AT compatible, operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7.8/8.1
Interface: 1 x free USB port (USB 2.0/1.1)
Hard disk capacity: more than 10 MB
Dimension: 124.6*75*42.5mm
Cable length: 1.5m

Package Contents:
1 x Gaming Mouse
1 x CD Driver
1 x User Manual
1 x Weight Box

The mouse is model ESMBD-01 and they could have come up with a cool name or theme instead because that isn’t really something that rolls off the tongue, so it is the EasySMX Gaming Mouse instead.

The mouse is a very decent wide profile for people with larger hands and comes with a weight kit which has 3 10g bars and a 5g bar so you can add an additional 35g of weight if you need to.

The mouse seemed a bit light without any weights, so I tested out adding one weight at a time to the EasySMX Gaming mouse and with each weight I added it felt more and more comfortable.  I tend to like really heavy gaming mice and I was using a metal base gaming mouse prior to testing the EasySMX mouse.

You just slide out the tray from the bottom of the mouse and set the weight bars into the tray and slide the tray back into the bottom of the mouse. I snapped a pick of the EasySMX Gaming Mouse next to my Utechsmart Metal Base mouse for comparison.  You can see it is wider and and the rubberized and textured side panels hold your fingers more firm.  The EasySMX mouse only has 2 thumb buttons compared to the 5 of the UtechSmart mouse but the EasySMX mouse with the 4 weights added is heavier and feels even better to me sliding around the mouse pad.

You do have DPI controls and adjustments you can make and EasySMX provides software that allows you to customize each button on your gaming mouse. I will say from my own testing the index finger buttons are a little too far to the left and were not easy to reach in the middle of gaming, my finger had to strain a bit too far to reach them and back to the left mouse button comfortably and that would be the only design issue I found personally with the gaming mouse.

Here is some quick screenshots of the EasySMX Gaming Mouse software that you can use to customize your buttons or record macro’s for your gaming mouse.

Cosmetically the software is a bit plain and the text they use in the right side is terrible, but it is functional and allows you to set different profiles for different games that you can switch to.  The mouse does have 2 index finger buttons however and with the index finger buttons and thumb buttons you can get yourself 4 customized keys for games.

As a gaming mouse the EasySMX Button hits all of the notes except it doesn’t have any RGB LED lights or coloring so it can look cool in the dark on your desk, but as far as weight options this is the heaviest mouse I have ever used when all weights are added and I actually wound up preferring it to the UtechSmart Metal Base gaming mouse which I used for more than a year as a result of the additional weight.  I even liked the weight of this gaming mouse and feel better than the new Gamdias Zeus P1 gaming mouse which i am reviewing and is cosmetically beautiful but too light for my liking.

Video review of the EasySMX Gaming Mouse


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.