Elite: Dangerous on Steam and Still Playing

Last week Elite: Dangerous came to Steam and it comes to Xbox One with improvements and new features planned.  It already came to the Mac a few weeks ago.  This open ended Space Simulator has a brutal learning curve for those new to the genre and even docking and landing at a space station is a challenge until you learn your controls, movements.  I had played the original elite, but hadn’t played EVE Online or any other Space combat sim since Freespace 2, so I had a bit of learning curve and it was playing about 10 hours a week for a month before I was able to dock like a pro.

More recently was when I was able to leverage system targeting and take down NPC Anaconda’s with my Cobra Mk 3 thanks to the fact they have a vulnerable power plant and if you have gimballed weapons they tend to hit the target more than not.  Here is a video of me taking out some NPC Anaconda’s but you still have to be very careful and keep distance or you could get obliterated quick.

Before the power plant tip, I nearly got wiped out with a previous showdown with an Anaconda where I was barely able to scrape through it’s shields.


Of course Bounty Hunting is still a more fun way to earn credits, though not as fast of an earner as Rare trading if you have a good cargo ship, it is more exciting to constantly battle for bounties.

Have you played Elite: Dangerous yet?  While many are waiting on Star Citizen, which may end up being superior due to it’s sheer funding size, for now Elite: Dangerous is growing and looking to add drones and other features in the near future.  I can’t wait!

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