Inateck 3 Port USB/MicroUSB Hub and SD Card Reader

What makes the Inateck 3 Port USB 3 Hub different than other smaller and portable USB 3 hubs is that it not only has an SD Card reader built into the hub but it also has a MicroUSB attachment that allows you to plug the Inateck hub into a MicroUSB compatible devices to make your USB devices work with a MicroUSB input.  This means your USB keyboard may work with your tablet for example as it translates the USB to MicroUSB.  This isn’t compatible with all devices but works with many and is one of the main benefits of the Inatech 3 Port Hub.

Here is a video review of the Inatech 3 Port Hub

The hub is about as thick as two fingers and slightly longer, the SD Card is loaded in the front while the top of the hub has the 3 USB ports.  The USB plug that plugs into your PC is a bit short, so this is ideal for portability and travel and using with a laptop when it sits on your desk next to your laptop. If you want to use it with your desktop PC and it sits under the desk, you will need a USB hub extender.

The USB ports provide excellent transfer speed and were no different than when plugging into the sole USB 3 port directly when I tested with various thumb drives.

I was able to actually hit just around and over 140MB/s write transfer rates through the USB hub, which was higher than any other USB 3 hub that I tested with the same Kingston HyperX Flash Drive.

I also tested the MicroUSB adapter to make this hub plug into my Dragon Touch I8 Windows Tablet and with this hub I was able to get my tablet to recognize a regular USB keyboard and mouse to use on the 8″ tablet screen.  So this could be a great way of getting some USB devices that don’t have microUSB cables to plug into your tablet or smartphone or more than 1 USB device at a time if you need to use multiple USB devices with your compatible tablet or Smartphone.

In addition to this USB Hub + SD Card Reader from Inateck if you click on the product link you can see they offer variations of this hub including one with a Gigabit Ethernet port in place of the SD Card reader which may be a preference instead and this one will be reviewed by Byron in the upcoming weeks.


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