Elivebuy 4 Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector 5-Port Desktop USB Charger Station Review

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EliveBuy has a desktop charging/surge protector for the home or office.  There are four standard plugs for a laptop or desktop PC and then there are five USB charging ports.  All surged protected.  It is rated for 2500W protecting any device connected.

There are five USB ports for charging 3 at 5V 1A and two at 5V 2.4A.  Ideally all the USB port would be at the 2.4A to fully charge any device connected but this can handle your two primary devices (tablets) at full charge and a couple other on a little less (phones/Bluetooth headsets).  In some cases it still charges then just a little slower as well.

charging station back

I plugged two monitors, my laptop, my iPhone 5S and my Nexus 7 into the EliveBuy Desktop Charging station and it handled it all wonderfully.  No fuss, no muss at all.

The form factor is compact and well laid out.  I set in on a desk and had easy access to all plug in ports, 3 pronged and USB ports.  Even with it right on the desk it doesn’t take up too much room.  The build quality is good, solid and not too heavy. The power cord could be a little longer but it is long enough to make do in most cases. For me I like that its footprint isn’t overwhelming so keeping it on the desk is handy.   Makes any and all cords plugged into easily accessible.


charging station top

Not sure how many surge protectors you have around your home and office but the ability to plug in multiple types of devices makes life a simpler.  One stop shopping for power, charging and surge protecting. Compounding the cool is the price of $26.99 on Amazon makes it an easy decision for anyone in need of surge protection.



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