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So I wound up getting a pack of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 copies for Steam and have to say this game is pretty fantastic and for those who aren’t familiar the Vermintide games are a Warhammer version of Left For Dead.  That being said, the gear system where you constantly upgrade your 4 pieces of gear effectively “powering up” your character is taken out of Destiny or other loot based games and this makes for a very fun session based game.

In Vermintide 2 you can be one of 5 heroes, and there are 15 subclasses, as each hero can unlock up to 3 sub classes or characters giving you really 15 total options once you spend the time leveling and upgrading all 5 hero types.  Like Left For Dead each hero type has a role and that role is melee, ranged, support…etc.  Though even the melee characters have ranged options, you start out with fixed weapons for that level and try to progress and survive through each level against hordes of either Skaven the ratmen creatures from the Warhammer Universe or other undead/monsters including some pretty nifty looking stitched up creatures.

The game is very difficult and brutally so in my opinion, I played with my son and friend and we played about 6 matches on the easiest setting of recruit and didn’t win a single one yet.  However it is extremely fun, and the panic sets in while you are being flooded with hordes of enemies.  If you were a fan of Left For Dead 2, then you likely would love this game.  I would say I felt there was a little bit of similarity with Nosgoth, when playing as the human side and the way you power up your weapons and such.  Though not with the 5v5 mechanics, it is 4 vs a horde and way more fun to play with other players than with bots on your side.

Enter for your Chance to Win Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (Steam Copy)

Win a Copy of Warhammer: Vermintide 2

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