Enter to Win a Kindle Fire Tablet with 16GB Storage

So the Kindle Fire tablet is still a really great tablet for the money even if it does come with the more limited Amazon App Store compared to the Google Play Store.  You can still sideload many Android APK separately that you can’t find on the Amazon App store so essentially you really still have access to almost anything you would want however.  If you are an Amazon subscriber the benefits for Audible, Amazon Prime Video and more make a tablet very essential.  My tablet is used to collect news, watch videos, check messages, browse Amazon, listen to audio books and more.

With cloud storage you don’t even feel the limited 16GB of storage as much, though you do feel it when installing games and apps and the 1GB of RAM does put some games off-limits that are very CPU/GPU intensive.  Still this isn’t a gaming tablet it is a casual and entertainment tablet and this it does well.

Enter for your Chance to win the Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet

Enter to Win a Kindle Fire 7″ with 16GB Storage

Giveaway Terms: The winner gets your choice of color, if you are International you are responsible for covering shipping costs for the tablet, this tablet often has a higher shipping fee and may have limitations in certain geographic regions.  I will only ship the tablet to a U.S. address and cover the shipping costs, any other address requires you to cover shipping fee’s.



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