The Guide To 2019 App Development: Best Practices And Tips

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Keeping Pace With Changes In The Market

Software applications are becoming increasingly expected, and have exceptional profitability potential. The right kind of app properly managed can function as a profit engine for a business. This can be directly, or collaterally.

Some applications have marketing properties which justify the expense of their management. Some generate direct profit. Whatever type of application you’re putting together, it’s important to keep varying considerations prioritized.

The trends defining the market will impact changes and innovations you make to your application. Your level of scalability will additionally have some determination on app management potentiality. Political and economic factors local and national will also have some impact on your application’s functionality or influence. Following, all three development factors will be briefly explored.

Tech Trends And Innovations In 2019

Mobile technology is totally transforming the market. Cloud-based applications are a game changer. You can both design your app and additionally monitor it using cloud solutions. It’s not without the bounds of reasonability to expect your app may itself be designed through an app—a sort of “App-ception”, to make a pun on the popular science fiction film Inception.

Add to that reality this interesting fact: more people in 2018 accessed the web through mobile media than desktop media. This trend has only expanded in 2019, and it appears as though this pattern has been reinforced. Your applications need to have mobile functionality as a primary concern.

Something else to think about is 5G, which expands potentiality of applications. Don’t put all your eggs in this basket yet; there is scuttlebutt circulating which may end up delaying the unveiling of total 5G owing to health concerns. Still, in all likelihood, this level of mobile web access will define the market very soon, and you want to be prepared.

Scalability Considerations

IT sourcing strategy may be well-suited to include external managed services for varying areas of application management. Especially if you’re seeking expansion, you’ll want to be well appraised of your resources. Cloud utility is key in scalability, as is outsourcing specific tasks to professional developers of one variety or another.

As 2019’s breakneck tech pace continues into 2020 and beyond, you’ll likely want some level of outsourced app management in play for optimal cost-to-benefit balance. If you’re only running things internally, the cost of scaling out as the market demands could be higher than your ability, diminishing your overall competitiveness.

Political And Economic Realities

The tech sphere is in an interesting place right now. Economy and politics are closely tied with one another in the tech world of 2019. There have been censorship concerns across the web, and quite a bit of controversy. It’s hard to avoid. Regardless of your affiliations in terms of politics, these realities will come to affect you.

For a prescient example, consider the “WannaCry” worm. In 2017, May, North Korea sent out a ransomware worm that entered networks through SMB (Server Message Block) ports. This ransomware virus didn’t require internal employees or managers to invite the bug in through lax discipline on the web. It basically invaded through a hidden back door.

The NSA built a back-door into windows devices for surveillance purposes, ostensibly as a means of deferring terror attacks; this was done many years ago. Such information became available to the North Koreans, and so they sent out a ransomware worm that became so pernicious it impacted 150+ countries, taking an economic bite out of the tech industry.

Now modern security practices can help defer such instances through regular upgrade and support of systems. This is beside the point—when it comes to applications, there is the propensity that your operation may be impacted by tech trends initiated through politics and economy. Right now, economic factors are in a good place, but politically, there could be restrictions coming down the pipeline on silicon valley.

Developing Applications That Stand The Test Of Time

MySpace is gone, Facebook is here. Even if you’re not centralizing output around an app, your business may need one. Facebook has a smartphone app. Though provision of that app isn’t its core purpose, web interface realities have shifted their focus to maintaining it with regularity.

Similarly, you need to continuously update and log app management. Doing so will secure your app for years to come. For 2019, keep your finger on the pulse of economic and political realities, consider technology trends, and build scalability into application design as possible through outsourced consideration and other methods.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.