Enter to Win the Perixx AX-2000 Gaming Headset

So funny story I had accidentally bought 2 Perixx AX-2000 Gaming Headsets for my son, and decided that I would giveaway the 2nd one instead of returning it and getting a refund.  My son uses the Perixx-AX2000 as his primary gaming headphones and loves them.  The thing he loves best is the detachable mic so when he wants to use them just for music and doesn’t need a mic, but the mic audio is fantastic and his Skype calls while playing with his friends are crystal clear.  The braided cable means the cable is less likely to get twisted up and tangle, though it does a little bit as he is very hard on his headphones, they don’t seem to be capable of the plastic twist and wire snap that has happened to so many other gaming headsets he has had over the years.

Honestly, for the price these are one of the highest quality gaming headphones you can buy.  I found out that the AX-2000 is no longer in production by Perixx after speaking with them and they now produce the even better product line the AX-3000 with 7.1 surround for those who are interested.

In the meantime, you can win the very excellent Perixx AX-2000 Gaming Headset
Perixx AX2000 Gaming Headset

Note, this is a PC Gaming headset with a Headphone/Mic input, it isn’t designed for consoles though it may work with an adapter, it hasn’t been tested.

Good luck to all who enter.


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