Enter to Win the Perixx PERITAB-502 Graphics Drawing Tablet

The great folks over at Perixx were so thrilled by the reviews of Iggy and Raymond with the PERITAB line of graphics drawing tablets that they agreed to let us give a PERITAB-502 model away to one lucky dragon blogger fan who is looking to upgrade to a drawing tablet.

The Perixx PERITAB-502 is a 12″ Drawing Graphics Tablet that sports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity with a 4000lpi resolution, you also get 2 hot keys with 8 Macro Programmable Keys and the surface drawing area is 5.75 x 9 inches.  It is compatible with Mac and Windows and is an excellent product, just see some of the videos done with the PERIXX PERITAB series by Raymond and Iggy below.

It also allows you to replace the tips!

Enter to Win the Perixx PERITAB-502
Perixx PERITAB-502 Drawing Tablet Giveaway


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