Enter to Win a $60 Steam Gift Card

We have teamed up with ThisBytesForYou to giveaway a $60 Steam Gift Card to one lucky fan.  For those who don’t know yet, Iggy who has been a contributor for Dragon Blogger for many years spun off his own site called This Bytes For You where he can focus on dedicated PC Hardware and equipment, including video cards, system builds, PC mods, motherboards and more.  This site was always more of a general tech, entertainment blog but his site is very focused on the PC Hardware/Mod community and he is still contributing to Dragon Blogger as well.

To kick off the launch of his new site, Iggy and I both split the contribution half half to make it an even $60 giveaway so that would cover the cost of basically any game, or if you are frugal or thrifty you can get quite a number of games out of steam with the $60 gift code.  But even better, this giveaway is for any gamer because even if you don’t have a PC or have Steam, I will buy you $60 of the gaming related item of your choice and that could be a PlayStation Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card, $60 Retail Game for any console, or even $60 Amazon Credit or $60 PayPal cash.  So if you are the lucky winner you get $60 worth of gaming related prize or the equivalent value no matter what.  So don’t feel like you shouldn’t enter because you don’t have a PC or Steam, you have every reason to enter since you can use the $60 for anything, it is your prize!

Enter to Win a $60 Steam Card (or Equiv Value Prize)

Enter to Win a $60 Steam Gift Card

Please do all of the entries related to This Bytes For You, if you are a fan of Iggy’s content on this site you will want to follow his new site and social media channels! Wish Iggy luck at with new project as well!

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