Enter to Win a Copy of Overwatch Origins Edition for PC

Our own writer/reviewer James Braga wound up with a copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition and never got around to opening it and instead has decided to run a giveaway for it and send the copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition to one of the fans who wants it.  I will cover the shipping costs to anyone in the U.S. and this is a U.S. only giveaway since this is a physical PC copy of the game, the picture of the game in it’s box is in the giveaway widget.

If you don’t know what Overwatch is you may have been living under a rock, it only just reached it’s 1 year anniversary from Blizzard and is one of the most popular team based shooter games on the market, nabbing millions of players over it’s first year.  This game is a huge success for Blizzard and this game unlocks all heroes for you instantly, you don’t have to purchase heroes or anything, the only thing you can purchase is skins or just play the random loot boxes which are more fun.  Each character has a unique feel and playing as Tracer specifically is really quite different being able to zip in short jumps and roll back time and damage with one of your abilities.

I play Overwatch, my kids play Overwatch, Nathaniel and Jordan play Overwatch on the team as well.  So if you haven’t been lucky enough or haven’t had the budget to pick up a copy, enter for your chance to win a physical copy of Overwatch: Origin Editions and good luck to all who enter.

Here is a video of my son and I talking about Overwatch

Here is some play we did from a previous stream

Enter to win Overwatch Origins Edition (Physical Copy)

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