Enter to Win the UtechSmart Uranus Metal Base Gaming Mouse

The UtechSmart Uranus which I reviewed a few weeks back and am constantly using for one of my computers is an excellent gaming mouse that has 13 programmable buttons, most importantly is the 5 thumb buttons which still allow your thumb to rest perfectly in the center of them without interference.  This mouse has a metal base that combined with the programmable weights makes for the heaviest gaming mouse I have ever tested and that is in a good way, I love the solid heavy feel of the mouse as it helps keep you in straight lines when free hand drawing or drawing a bead on opponents heads in FPS games!

Enter for your Chance to win the UtechSmart Uranus MMO Gaming Mouse
UtechSmart Uranus MMO Gaming Mouse



You can also watch the unboxing video of the mouse

Full link to review here: https://www.dragonblogger.com/utechsmart-uranus-metal-base-mmo-gaming-mouse-review/



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