Etekcity Self Learning Wireless Remote Outlet Review


I recently got to try these wireless remote outlets from Elekcity. They came with 3 outlets and 2 remotes in the box.  Unboxing this I expected to find a complicated manual. As I am in no way a technical person I was pleasantly surprised to find a very short and easy to use manual that is only 3 pages in total.

The only installation needed for these are 1 12v battery that is included in the box to go into the remote.  I like when batteries are included especially since I would not have had that kind of battery on hand.  Then just plug the outlet into the wall and you are ready to start setting.

For set up all you have to do is plug the outlet into the wall and then plug in the item you are going to program so in my case my lamp and turn it on. There is an orange button on the side called learning. Press and hold that for 5 seconds and the LED light will begin to flash. Release the learning button and then press the “on or “off” button in my case I pressed off as I had my lamp on already. This will program it into slot 1. When it is successful the LED will stop flashing and that is it.

I find this great for me having small kids. I have tall floor lamps that they can not reach to turn on when they enter the room but now they just grab the remote and know to hit 1 on and then they have light. This would also be great for things you have plugged into hard to reach areas or for elderly or handicapped people to be able to turn on lights and appliances with ease and comfort.


The remotes are very small so they will not get in the way. You get 5 slots so that if later you decide to by more outlets you can add them to your current remotes or you can buy it in a pack of 5.  1 remote can control all the outlets and 1 outlet can be used by multiple remotes.  This is great for me as I am always forgetting to turn on the lamp in the dining room when I go to bed.  The remotes have a 100 foot range and can work through doors, floors and walls. So now I just leave 1 remote on my night stand and can turn off the lamp in the dining room without getting out of bed.


The outlet itself is designed to fit perfectly into the top spot on your outlet so that you can still use the bottom outlet. as I only have 1 outlet in my dining room this is great so i can still use my outlet bar in the bottom for my stereo and laptop and still allow my lamp into the wireless outlet.   These are for indoor use only and not meant to be used in areas with high temperatures.  Power input/output is 120V/60Hz, max. 1200W 10A .

Let me know if you have tried these or are planning on buying them.  I love these and have made my kids life a bit easier.

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