Facebook Tips: Delete/Clear Facebook Wall Posts Automatically

Have a Facebook Wall full of unwanted stuff like Farmville updates or Astrology predictions?
The simplest option is to delete your Facebook account completely!

But don’t worry, since in this post we shall learn 2 different FREE methods to clean or clear or delete your Facebook wall posts automatically with very little effort on your part. Before we go on to those methods, however,  let me tell you that if a particular app is bothering you with useless updates, you could simply block it from your Application Settings page.

Method 1 To Delete Your Facebook Wall Posts Automatically:

Using Grease-monkey User-scripts with Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browsers.

Grease-monkey is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It is also used with Opera and other browsers like Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. The scripts I have mentioned in this post work best for Firefox and Opera.
So, unless you are using it already, install Firefox now! It’s the best browser I have used, mostly due to the inbuilt download accelerator and thousands of add-ons and themes.

Once you have installed Mozilla Firefox, you need to install Grease-monkey to run the scripts to delete your Facebook wall automatically.

Now you can proceed to installing the user-scripts for deleting your Facebook wall posts.

There are two different scripts you can use depending on how much of your Facebook Wall you want to delete.

1. This script will delete the recent activity on your Facebook Wall:
For Reviews and Help with this script you can go here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/67751

2. This Grease-monkey user-script will delete all the wall posts on your Facebook Wall:
For Reviews and Help with this script you can go here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/92664
Make sure you understand that everything you, your friends and the various Pages, Groups and Applications on Facebook have ever posted on your wall will be deleted.

Method 2 for Deleting Your Facebook Wall Posts Automatically:

So, using a bit of curiosity and knowledge I used a free Auto-click software program to get rid of the old posts.
All you need to do to clean up the mess on your Facebook Wall is:

  • Click on the “Record” button on the program window
  • Then carefully fix the scroll-location of the Facebook Wall page at the top most corner and click on the “Remove” and “Okay” (deletion confirmation box) buttons a few times.
  • Now click “Stop” in the program window to stop recording.
  • Then click on “Play” on the Auto-click program window and check whether all goes well.
  • There might be cases where a particular Wall post has a slightly different location for “Remove” than the others. Make sure you find out the relative frequency of such variations and make an intelligent approximation to automate the process of deleting your Facebook Wall.
  • There would also be the “Older Posts” link at regular intervals. Make sure you also include a click on this link by scrolling down to the bottom of the page to show and delete the older Wall posts.
  • If possible stay close most of the time to avoid any problems caused by pop-ups from your other computer applications/programs. The safest thing would be to close all other applications before starting the project of deleting your Facebook Wall.

My experiment with deleting the Facebook Wall posts was a sweet success with this software (It’s 100% FREE!):

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