Showcasing FLEXIHUB for USB over Network Sharing

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Flexihub enables sharing USB over network even without the locally installed drivers and the software recognizes the kinds of devices on its own whenever the USB peripheral is connected to the computer which creates very easy to access and connect remote USB devices.

What is Flexihub?

It is an excellent piece of software and technology that seemed to be complicated at first. Later it will turn out to be much simpler every day. Flexihub is the hardware which is easily accessible to every user and it is one of the best and perfect solutions for every business. This can become a remote backup solution for your access control system.

Features of Flexihub:

  • Flexihub share USB dongle and mainly evolves into the central device hub with several virtual USB and serial ports accessible for personal and other collective data impact management needs.
  • It moves enormous volumes of data in one place and accesses remote hardware from several collective partners to solve specific social and business issues.
  • This is a platform which joins multiple computers or other several digital input devices into a distributed Cloud of USB ports.
  • By making a flexihub account, users can manage the USB and serial devices from any of the nodes and can connect them to any computers.
  • We ensure to take care of your privacy and we offer full guarantee security.

Benefits of FlexiHub:

  • It provides absolute secure connections. The security communications are deployed and enable an extra layer of data protection.
  • It offers a private communication server and helps to send traffic by using redirection servers.
  • Flexihub protects data.
  • It provides traffic compressions and when traffic compression is activated then it speeds the interaction with the specific USB over network and reduces internet traffic.
  • It is the one-stop solution that has a distributed location of assets which is based on the work environment.
  • It allows you to set up a USB over network connections so that you can link remotely located computers of other devices with the USB peripherals attached to a machine.
  • Flexihub facilitates USB to IP connectivity between the devices running on the Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android Operating System.
  • It contains unique redirection server features.
  • This allows a USB device attached to the computers in various subnetworks to be connected without configuring complicated settings.
  • It improves the industrial automation process and controls the network of USB devices which can improve the productivity in automated industrial implementations.
  • It reduces the development and shipping of items.

How does Flexihub work?

It compresses the data which increases the transfer of speed with flexibility and chooses between the optimal speed or the best packet size when connecting USB devices over IP. It makes and creates tokens so that the users can use the account to connect the USB devices over the internet.


Flexihub offers a solution when a direct connection cannot be established between two network codes. You can block any USB port devices from being attached with the help of it over a TCP network. It maximizes the efficiency of the business and these technology experts are ready to help to figure out exactly what it will take to make custom USB over IP software tailored.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.