Featuring the Voyo V2 TV Box with 4K Resolution


There is a wide range of technical and innovative tools that people can use in their everyday lives today, many of which have been designed to provide individual’s and their families with the best experience possible, and at a price that is affordable. One in specific is the Voyo V2 TV Box with 4K Resolution. With this said, here’s some great information that people can review if they are considering making their a purchase.

Voyo V2 Specs:

  • CPU: Intel Baytrail T Z3735
  • RAM: 2G
  • ROM: 32G
  • Max. Extended Capacity: 64G
  • Video Format: 1080P, 4K
  • Interface: Micro USB, USB2.0, HDMI, RJ45
  • Other Features: 5000mAh Lithium Battery, SSD Storage Function
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0

Great for gamers

Some people spend a lot of hours in their free time playing all kinds of different games. Many of the games that people play are available online and may require several competitive sessions with two or more players. Before an individual becomes good enough to compete with others, its important for them to make sure that they have the appropriate tools that will make the games that they play easier to see, and access whenever it is needed. Therefore, for those who are looking for the latest tools in providing a better gaming experience, they should look at what features are available in Voyo. Since Voyo is compatible with Windows TV box, individuals can identify a large host video games that they may enjoy playing by themselves and with others.

TV watchers

In addition to playing all kinds of different video games online, this media box can also be used for TV shows that people like to watch. Since this TV box can be hooked up to a TV monitor, television watchers can also benefit greatly from this new innovation. According to numerous consumer reviews, some of the more common benefits to using this tv box is that its simple to connect and easy to use. Therefore, it will not take a person who is technically savvy to hook it up. Because there are no movement parts, people normally like it because it does not make any noise. Also, when streaming movies, most customers can attest to the fact that it works like a charm. So, it is considered to be an excellent tool for accessing the latest movies and spending family time.

There are many different great innovations on the market today that can assist individuals and families with having a good quality experience in gaming and TV. Choosing a tool that can assist with accommodating both needs has been made easy with Voyo. So, for those who have an interest, they may order Voyo V2 TV Box with 4K Resolution online via Gearbest.

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