Fenix Water-Resistant Dustproof and Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth speakers are out there in abundance.  They come in all shapes, sizes colors and prices ranges.

On my adventures traveling for work or camping with the family I encounter many opportunities to use Bluetooth speakers.  I use one everyday whether on the road or at home.  I listen to a few podcasts and a Bluetooth speaker makes that easier to consume from my Nexus 7.



This little Fenix Bluetooth speaker is a bit of a big thing in a small package.  It is small but in the hand feels solid, with some heft behind it.  Keep that heft in perspective, it is a compact package.

Here is the video review

I used my iPhone 5S, my Nexus 7 and my wife’s Galaxy 5S to test out the Fenix speaker.  All three connectected without any issues via Bluetooth.  When adding via Bluetooth you just look for ES-151A, little odd no brand name, and pair your device.  Quick and simple.  I played podcasts and music from my iPhone and Nexus 7 and just music from the wife’s Galaxy s5.  As with most Bluetooth speakers in the size range, in my experience, it does lack a little bit of bass when playing some R&B or rap.  This is expected considering the size of the speaker and the actual speakers inside of it.  Rock and country sound pretty good there is not much distortion unless you crank it up to full volume.  Still not bad though for a compact Bluetooth speaker and I have heard worse for sure.

Volume controls are on the device.  I go back and forth on whether full volume controls on the source VS on the speaker works is better.  You also have the Bluetooth button on this side of the devices for pairing to it.  All covered in rubber to prevent dust and moisture from getting inside the housing.



The other side of the device you have the audio in jack, micro USB for charging and power switch.  All covered with a rubber tab to, again, ensure no moisture or dust get into the housing of the device.  Sound via the audio in isn’t bad either.  Comparable to the Bluetooth and always a nice option if you have an older device with AUX out but no Bluetooth support.  My wife requires this for her older iPod that has no Bluetooth for example.



The over all design of the Speaker is good.   I wasn’t sure about the triangle configuration but it works.  it provides stability to the device and makes it easy to grab and hold onto.  It is covered in some rubber and some screen almost like and after market car speaker grill.  Kinda cool looking and an interesting texture.

The added appeal to this Speaker, and maybe added price, is the water resistance, dust proof and shock proof.  I didn’t dunk it in water but I did shovel some snow while it was sitting on my truck.  It had a bit of snow on it with some of that melting.  Today the speaker is still working fine.  I intentionally dropped it on the floor a couple times, carpeted but from about five feet high and it keeps on a rocking.  Music didn’t even get disrupted when I dropped it.

So all in all a solid good sounding Bluetooth speaker with some extra durability added.  I can see the Fenix Bluetooth speaker replacing my current travel speaker.  I can see this being our camping speaker for around the fire for some music.


You pay extra for the ruggedness of the speaker but worth the it not to worry so much about it when the kids drop it or it gets a little wet.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.