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So recently I was asked to test and review to see how it compared to other sites that scan the web looking for potential duplicate content so you can find out if there are content scrapers online or if the content you are posting on behalf of a guest author or contributor is 100% original content.


Like this other site you can you buy credits for your scans, no different than any other premium content search, after getting your credits you can scan your content by either cut/pasting the content you want to scan or uploading a file.  It costs credits based on the amount of words, typically 1-2 credits would cover any full article.

I first scanned a contributed guest post and found it had 0% similar content, I compared all results with other online content check services and ContentPlagiarismChecker matched or exceeded every other service I tried in accuracy.

contentplagchecker-resultsWhen I scanned for some content that I knew would be duplicated, it came back showing 92% similarity with other content.


I dug in deeper and this is where the Content Plagiarism Checker really did well, the level of detail and showing all articles, sources and scanned word matches.


You can further drill down to full list of sources and even visit the original source link to verify the content manually.  Note, there are some cached copies of content found that when you go look at original source the actual duplicated content is no longer at that link.  The service could do well to do a refresh and not rely on cached content pages, like a 2nd call to source link to scan again instead of only relying on the search it does on engines to help rule out local cached content that might be relevant, but this would slow the search down.  It would reduce some checking and extra clicks however.


Overall was a valuable tool for scanning content online to see if it was duplicated or reprinted anywhere else.  I do wish you had the ability to feed in “source URL” and just plugin your URL’s and then let it go find copies or duplicated content on the web so that it would find duplication or people stealing your content.  A great service would be one where you can say upload your sitemap or a series of URL”s, and let it work in the background scanning for duplicate content and it being smart enough not to report your own original site as the duplicate content.  This would be an incredible feature and even worth a monthly subscription price perhaps.

Meanwhile, it does a good job finding manual cut/pasted content or content uploaded from a file and has a nice breakout.  Price wise it was a little more expensive than using services that charge 1 credit per search no matter the size of the content, so you burn through your credits a little faster than Copyscape which I was using previously.

I would recommend you give the service a try if you need to scan online for duplicate content.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.