Finding and Setting a Default Featured Image for WordPress Blogs

When you run a blog that requires image thumbnails on the homepage or in posts you can find yourself in a situation where you are constantly looking for images that can capture that post and article as well as draw attention for those who would skim your homepage, notice the image along with the title and click to read more.

Sometimes however you just forget to set a featured image or you have a certain number or type of posts that it makes sense to re-use a featured image.  In this case you can use a free WordPress plugin called “Default Featured Image” which can be found in the WordPress plugin gallery

Setting WordPress Default Featured Image


After installing the plugin, you will see a new option in your WordPress media settings


This now gives you the option to select a default featured image, just simply select the image and upload it and choose it as your default image.  One done then any post where you don’t specifically set a featured image, you now will have that default featured image displayed instead.  This makes it really great if you need to get a post published immediately and just don’t have time to look for an image to use as that featured image placeholder.

Finding Images With Depositphotos

Now finding images is usually a challenge, but this is why I recommend to serious bloggers who have a decent budget to get a Depositphotos subscription account.  A subscription account allows you to download a certain number of images per day based on your subscription and you get a ton of options on image file size.  You can get as many images as you want and use them repeatedly or indefinitely, a small one month subscription can even get you hundreds of images that you can download and then use for years to come.


A quick search for android tablet for example reveals over 1800+ images that match that keyword phrase and provides a ton of options.  You can find new and unique images that haven’t been used and proliferated on other sites yet to get unique and original images for your featured image spots, thumbnails or full size images in articles.


I have been using Depositphotos for more than a year and image per image they are cheaper than almost every other stock photography site if you leverage the subscription option versus the individual stock image purchase option which they do also offer if you want to just by one or more images using credits.

Bottom line, if you need featured images or stock images for your blog or want to find the perfect featured image that you can use as the default WordPress image for your blog, you would do well to search Depositphotos and see if they have an image that is right for you.


Many of my images here on DragonBlogger come from Depositphotos, especially many of the featured images that get re-used on the homepage for certain guest blogging categories and such.  I leverage stock images often for guest blog submissions where the author can’t provide original images or I don’t trust provided images and want to ensure I am copyright compliant.

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