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Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, commissioned by Article Alley, by way of Izea PayPerPost. I was compensated to browse the site and share my thoughts and opinions. The words and opinions are mine and mine alone.

I was perusing the Technology Articles on Article Alley early this morning and found a great article about Wii Mod Chips that was helpful and informative. While on the site I noticed that Article Alley has some great articles posted in the Technology section that can be on everything from gaming consoles, technology gadgets to technology news. I also liked the fact that you can get an RSS feed of only the specific category.

When visiting the Technology Articles section on December 14th, I did notice that the most recent articles were from Friday the 11th, I don’t know if the articles are only updated on weekdays, or if nobody posted to the category in a few days. The site is better for detailed articles, reviews, how to’s and not ideal for breaking news.

Still if you are looking to find some more tech articles or news, you will find some here that you won’t find elsewhere. The nice thing is as a blogger you can also register and submit your own articles to get more exposure. I decided to subscribe via RSS just to keep up on the latest technology articles that post.

-Dragon Blogger

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