Finished the School of #MAKEOURMARK Stop Motion Videos Class

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So I finally was able to finish the Skill Share Stop Motion Videos class that I signed up for and that started on October 9th.  This was part of the Levi School of #MAKEOURMARK which had some great creative programs for people to learn and pay a low $10 amount and the money would go to charity. 100% of class proceeds fund arts+music education for kids through 826 National.

The classes are presented in a chapter format, and very professionally laid out.


The training videos were exceptionally high quality, with the presenter being very comfortable on camera and presenting.  Brock Davis clearly knows what he is doing and has a great way of presenting, sharing his own creative process around the story boarding piece and the idea and setup which is the foundation and what most of the class is about.


After each video you are given assignments to make sure you are keeping pace with the course, you check off each assignment as you complete them and then finally mark the unit completed when you are ready for the next unit.


So for my crude stop motion animation test, I decided to follow the paper airplane example in the video, note I didn’t have the proper lighting, a tripod, or any other equipment to make it more stable and professional.  I leveraged Vine and an improvised tripod, and did some of the sketch ideas early on.  I varied in that I only used 1 paper ball instead of the 16 already pre-configured to the various phases of the transformation from paper ball to airplane just to see if it would look more organic or not.

So while this was my first crude stop motion video, it is by no means my last and I know how to improve it with stable lighting, a solid tripod that won’t cause the shake variation when I tap to record a frame, and more.

I found the Skill Share video to be quite entertaining and extremely professionally done, Brock Davis knows what he is talking about and gives solid teaching tips and I especially liked his ideas on how to improvise tripods with various items around the house.


Overall I have to say I really enjoyed the Skill Share experience and the whole experience and the best part is, for our readers you can take any of the School of #MAKEOURMARK for free by using the coupon “OURMARK” when you check out, this will waive the $10 fee and make any of the following courses free.

So pick your course and add to your creative knowledge, it is free and takes only a few hours of time so why not get more creative?

Urban Explorer Photography:

You can also go directly to the Registration Page and start from there too!

Again, tell all your friends about the free promo code “OURMARK” and all of these classes are for free for the month of October!  There is no reason not to sign up and learn something new.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.