Fireball opened its virtual Kickstarter Tavern today

April 2, 2020, Prague, Czechia

Prague’s indie gaming studio Fireball, which is developing a mobile role-playing app, launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform today. The campaign is stylized into a medieval tavern and its visitors can choose from 13 different dishes on its menu – rewards. The rewards start at $ 2 and end at $ 5,000. People who back the project will have access to the first version of the app (which will be launched this summer), the possibility to work with the team to create their own game element (object, monster or building), or even a personal invitation to the app release party in Prague. The campaign goal was set to $ 20,000 and contributions will be possible for one month until May 1, 2020. The official trailer has been released today along with the Kickstarter campaign.

Fireball is a mobile app that brings traditional tabletop role-playing games into a mobile world. Users will communicate with each other via chat and experience an adventure in which each decision will influence the story’s further development. Board games of this style often have complicated rules, and therefore the main advantage of the application is their complete automation. Fireball also provides the opportunity to connect with players around the world based on game preferences (language, time zone, etc.). Therefore, the app has a great chance to significantly expand the role-playing community.

“Many people are killing time now by chopping fruit or crushing candies. But I’m sure if they were given a role-playing chance they would really love it. Unlike undemanding mobile games, it develops creativity and helps foster friendships. You create a lot of experiences with your friends, from unique fantasy worlds.”

  • Jan Roose, founder, and CEO of Fireball
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