Fix Facebook Google Chrome Issues: Enable Disable Secure Browsing HTTPS

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Have you been having trouble while browsing on using Google Chrome? Are you unable to click on buttons and links? Does your connection timeout often? Are there several page elements like conversation text and pictures missing? There have been dozens of problems faced by Facebook users when they access it on the Google Chrome Browser.

Facebook Chrome Issues Solved: Enable Disable Secure Browsing HTTPS

There have been issues with Facebook and Google Chrome for several months, even years now. Updating the browser doesn’t seem to solve most of the issues, nor do clearing cache, deleting cookies and logging out and again logging into Facebook. Some people have even tried restarting the computer, re-installing Chrome and manually resetting the IP address of their internet connection.

  • Problem 1

The first Facebook-Chrome problem that came to my notice was that when tried to access my Facebook Messages on Google Chrome, the pages never got downloaded completely, just the side columns and header. The other pages like Profiles, News Feed, Home Page etc. were getting downloaded perfectly.

  • Approximate Period of Problem 1


  • Solution

I solved this problem by enabling Secure Browsing in the Account Settings > Security> Secure Browsing section. After changing my Facebook usage settings, this particular problem with Facebook Messages on Google Chrome got solved. I’ve never had the same problem ever again. Clearly, Facebook Messages service required a secure HTTP (HTTPS) connection to be used on Chrome.


  • Problem 2

A few days back I discovered that when I accessed Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages of which I was an Admin/Moderator as well as several other services on while browsing on Google Chrome (version 21 beta!) several page elements were missing. I couldn’t even click on ordinary buttons and links on any page! Only this time I was already using HTTPS or Secure Browsing on Facebook.

  • Approximate Period of Problem 2

This is a current problem, as of July 2012

  • Solution

Having experienced similar issues with Facebook Messages in the past, I decided to try solving the problem by disabling Secure Browsing, again through Account Settings > Security > Secure Browsing. After implementing the changes through Mozilla Firefox, since I couldn’t change the option via Google Chrome, I was able to use Facebook normally. Now the problem isn’t permanent, but when it does happen it causes some severe headache!

So, apparently at least some Facebook Chrome issues can be solved by switching between secure browsing (HTTPS) and non-secure browsing (HTTP). Make sure you are using a different browser when accessing Account Settings, since it is always accessed via HTTPS.

If the specific problem(s) you have while browsing on through Google Chrome, can’t be solved by switching the Secure Browsing option, let us know.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.