Formidable Pro MailChimp and Paypal Support

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My favorite WordPress form plugin called Formidable Pro now officially has a companion WordPress plugin which provides MailChimp support.  This allows you to create an Awesome customized Formidable Pro form that can also serve as your sign up form for your MailChimp mailing list

MailChimp with Formidable Pro

To get MailChimp subscription support for your Formidable Pro just go to the Formidable Pro Add-On Downloads page and download the Formidable Mailchimp plugin (current version is 1.0b1).

Upload the plugin and activate it in your WordPress blog.

Then go to the MailChimp sub menu in your Formidable Pro options.

Find your MailChimp API Key


And input the MailChimp API key into your Formidable MailChimp options page.


Update your options and you are ready to build your mailing list sign up form.

When you create your Formidable Pro mailing list form you basically create all of the fields you want to match to your MailChimp mailing list.  You do have to make sure the email list has additional options selected and “email” is selected as the field type which will allow the MailChimp option to select it for mapping.


Once you have your form built, you must save it first.  Then you can click on the MailChimp bar and expand to select your fields.


Note: If when you try to select Email Address and you don’t see any options, this means you didn’t specify “Email Address” as the field type for one of your form fields.

Make sure you declare to your readers that they are signing up for your mailing list, if you don’t you will need to select the Double Opt-In confirmation message to be compliant with MailChimp Terms of Service.  MailChimp Terms of Service does state a double-opt is preferred (required in many cases) so make sure your readers are aware they are signing up for a mailing list.

But once you get those options setup, then you can proceed to customize and Tweak the form however you want to make it look the way you want for your mailing list sign up page.  Or you can feel free to embed periodically on various posts/pages by simply selecting the form and embedding it with 2 clicks.


Now you can easily use Formidable Pro to help subscribe users to your MailChimp mailing list without having to modify any custom code which you had to do previously.

Get Formidable Pro now and leverage the power of a full featured WordPress form plugin, the reporting feature alone which tracks every form submitted so you can track everything is just one of the many benefits.  Read my full review of Formidable Pro to see what else it can do.

Paypal Integration With Formidable Pro

On the same Formidable Pro Add-On Downloads page you can find a PayPal plugin for Formidable Pro which allows you basically to redirect the user to a Paypal payment page to make a purchase.  This is a great option to have a user sign up and purchase an eBook or other service directly and is an alternative to using an affiliate program if you want to handle all payments directly to your own Paypal account.  This could also be useful for your own forms around donation or requesting funding for a contest entries as well!

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.