OfficeSIP Messenger: Free Open-Source SIP, VoIP and IM Client

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The Internet is a great resource for every person looking for virtually any sort of information. You are highly likely to find what you need on Wikipedia, other websites or blogs or forums. All that’s great when all you need is shared information. But what about when you need to contact someone halfway across the globe immediately via voice/video call without spending a fortune a minute?

You have, most probably, heard or read of at least one of the following terms:

There are literally hundreds and thousands of IM clients, both web-browser based and mobile/desktop clients. And there are plenty of VoIP and SIP clients as well. Some of them charge a fee (albeit a small one) and others are free to use. Some offer text messaging while other are audio/video messaging clients. Some let you call the other person on a mobile/landline phone while others are limited to calling users connected to the same messaging service.

When most of the urban population in the world is switching over to mobile devices (Phones, Tablet PCs and Media Players), what sense does it make to use different messenger clients for each of your devices? Would it not be great if you could use a single software product (preferably free and even better open-source!) for all your IM, VoIP and SIP needs across all communication devices?

You don’t need to answer that. We have just the software for you: OfficeSIP.

OfficeSIP Messenger

OfficeSIP Messenger is an open-source SIP, VoIP softphone and Instant Messenger (IM client) available for FREE. You can even customize it quite easily according to your needs by obtaining the source code on SourceForge ( The software is especially great for small businesses which want to avoid any unnecessary expenditure and yet avail flawless communication services via the Internet.

OfficeSIP Server

OfficeSIP Server is a free SIP server, fully compatible with 3rd party SIP software programs like X-Lite and Android Softphone. The OfficeSIP Server can pull-in users from the Active Directory. The single sign-on Windows feature is implemented in this software, to make online communication completely hassle-free.

You can get the free, open-source program and source code here:

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